The Journey

The journey will provide you with a deep understanding of the tools of design thinking. A small team from your organization will work on a real challenge your organization is facing, you will learn from your consumers’ needs, and produce a well-tested, high-fidelity prototype.


Why do The Journey?

The industry you work in is extremely volatile. You feel like you cannot keep up with competitors. You find it hard to come up with products that your customers actually need. These are just a few of the reasons where The Journey can help you.

During The Journey, you will not only learn about, but also deeply understand, the tools you need to interact and understand your consumers in order to create products that matter. We are not talking about a one-time-journey, but a journey that you can repeat over and over again in different situations and that will help you cope with change in a sustainable matter. 

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Fede is a firecracker of a presenter and much loved by his executive education students.
— Torhild Eide Torgersen, Leader of Experimentation, Design Region Bergen

What does The Journey look like?

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The journey is a part time program that spans over 3 – 8 weeks depending on the intensity of the sessions. On day 1 we introduce your organization to the basics of design thinking and make sure that everyone understands what your team will be working on. Day 2, the team will get a full-day workshop on empathy, after which you conduct research with your team for 1 to 4 weeks. Day 3, we will have a workshop on defining the problems your consumers are facing, followed by 1 to 4 weeks of you and your team ideating and prototyping.

During the entire journey, we will coach you to make sure that you get the best results!


What exactly do I gain from The Journey?

You will get a high-fidelity, well-tested (by real users!) prototype that is ready to hit the market. In addition, your team will gain a profound understanding of the design thinking methods which, in the future, can be used to independently tackle any type of challenge that may come ahead!