A practical academy for change-makers.

August 6th - August 17th, 2018
@ Oslo House of Innovation

At Smac you'll learn the mindset and the tools you need to solve any challenge creatively.

For two weeks in August 2018 we offer you cutting-edge, hands-on design thinking training. You'll be working in multidisciplinary teams and solve real-life challenges using design thinking. The teams will be trained and coached by Pracademy´s leading practitioners and experts.

Student fee: 2.000 NOK


What people say about us

““Exceptionally good,” “lots of energy,” “people were over the moon about it.”
— Wilhelmsen's top 30 managers globally @ Annual Management Forum 2017
“The feedback from our colleagues is that they left the workshop with more positive energy, some good ideas and tools to implement in their everyday work life.”
— Andreas Mikalsen, Managing Director - Marine Harvest Markets Norway AS

“The best experience we had was that employees learnt to work in another, new way. We think we will be able to get much more out of it and we definitely want to do this more!.”
— Alette Knudsen, Project Leader, Bergen Kommune

The Participants

Design Thinking Summer Pracademy is for open-minded, action-oriented and creative doers. Each team will be a mix of students and young professionals with a diverse set of backgrounds. They're overlappings factors are: smart, creative and curious. They are change-makers.

The Program

The program will be a mix of short instructional lectures, practical learning experiences and guided, hands-on teamwork. The teams will quickly be thrown out of the building to empathize with users by interviewing and observing them in field. After which they´ll ideate, prototype, test, and retest in an iterative fashion. During the whole program they will be guided and coached by expert facilitators. 

The Facilitators

At Pracademy, we are equal parts educators and practitioners who understand the importance of a real-life, hands-on, and experiential educational journey. Our training programs incorporate empirically proven, cutting-edge pedagogical and innovation tools originating from Stanford University, where our team has been educated and has taught.

The Partners

Our partners are innovative Norwegian companies that want to learn more about design thinking and hire people with design thinking experience. They will contribute with a challenge as well as financially.

The Design Challenge

The design challenge can be development of new a product, service, internal process or system. Above all, it is an important challenge the partner is facing, related to human factors.

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You will learn:  

  • Empathy

    • Embrace empathy by putting yourself in the shoes of others.
    • Interview people in order to elicit meaningful responses that point you towards their deepest intentions.
  • Sensemaking
    • Make sense of your empathy research by crafting powerful insights, and move from data to knowledge.
    • Craft a Point of View, which will synthesize your empathy research and give it focus and direction.
  • Ideation
    • Become skilled at coming up with creative ideas that will serve as solutions to complex, ambiguous challenges.
    • Use many different ideation tools like brainstorming, brainwriting, and quick sketching.
  • Prototyping
    • Build all sorts of rapid and rough prototypes that bring your ideas into the real world quickly and cheaply.
  • Testing
    • Expose prototypes to the world, ask the right questions, receive good feedback, learn, and iterate repeatedly
  •  Collaboration
    • Collaborate with people with different backgrounds, and tap into the creative potential of diversity
    • Play, have fun, laugh, and not take yourself too seriously, while taking your creative work extremely seriously.
  • Communication
    • Recognise the immense power of storytelling 
    • Use your body effectively during presentations, and read others' body language 
    • Connect deeply with your audience by using physical space strategically
    • Moderate your tone, pace, and rhythm to keep your audience listening
    • Engage the crowd through well-timed questions and humor
    • Design attractive visual aids that use the immense power of pictures and videos

Key benefits:

  • Improve your interview and observation techniques to better understand user motivations.
  • Understand how to define and reframe problems based on the emotional needs of customers.
  • Develop a just-do-it mentality through rapid prototyping and iteration.
  • Learn how to embrace diversity of opinion using a common process for design.

You will also:

  • Get to know a bunch of ambitious and awesome people
  • Get to know companies that need to hire tons of motivated design thinking practitioners.  - You might get your dream job.
  • Learn how to connect deeply with other human beings.
  • Learn to be a confident communicator.
  • Develop your teamwork skills.
  • Have tons of fun.

Application process

To be a part of the Summer Pracademy you first need to give us your email by pushing the button. Then you will receive more information by mail. There will be a formal text application, a creative application and potentially an interview.