Learn innovation by doing innovation.


We believe that the traditional one-way, theory heavy lectures are unfit for innovation training. Therefore, all of our workshops are hands-on, and experiential. They are also quite fun!

Design thinking deep dive


The Challenge

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Design Thinking Deep Dive

The Design Thinking Deep Dive workshop gives you a taste of the key tools, methods, and mindset of design thinking. This is a great way to introduce a large number of people within your company to design thinking and its use.


Why do The Deep Dive?

If you would like to introduce design thinking into your organization and give your colleagues a taste of what your company can achieve using design thinking methods, then this workshop is for you! It is a fast-paced, fun, and engaging way to introduce a large number of people to the essentials of design thinking.

It has helped us in raising awareness around our own behavior, how we influence people around us and how this leads to outstanding performance. The feedback from our colleagues is that they left the workshop with more positive energy, some good ideas, and tools to implement in their everyday work life.
— Andreas Mikalsen, Managing Director at Marine Harvest Markets Norway AS

What does the workshop look like?

The Design Thinking Deep Dive workshop can be done in 1/2 to 2 days. We will introduce and guide you through each step of design thinking, all while you are actively working in teams on a number of real life design challenges.


The Challenge

Go beyond basics and apply the tools of design thinking to real challenges your company is facing.  We will dig deeper into the methods of design thinking and enable you to create a rough prototype of a product, service, or process in only two days. No prior design thinking knowledge required!

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Why do The Challenge?

If you would like to dig deeper into the methods of design thinking with your organization and get a more applied understanding, this is the right workshop for you! It is quick. It gives a large number of people at your company with an applied understanding of design thinking. It is fun. And, you get a rough, yet high-potential prototype in only 2 days!

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Fede is probably the most inspiring facilitator and tutor I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He has a strong understanding of the business world, and this combined with his enthusiasm and knowledge with the design thinking processes is of great value. No matter what the challenge is, he will manage to motivate and encourage everyone on his team to achieve insightful results. I’d also like to add that he’s great fun to work with.
— Anita Steinstad, Service Designer, Knowit

What does the Challenge look like?

The Challenge will take 2 days and can be done in any kind of environment. First, we will go through the basics of design thinking, after which you and your team will get your hands dirty and apply the tools right away on a real challenge your company is facing.

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Don’t worry if you have troubles defining a problem! Before the workshop we can help you define it in more detail so that you get the most out of the workshop. In case you do already have a challenge in mind, that’s fantastic and we can jump in right away!


The Journey

The journey will provide you with a deep understanding of the tools of design thinking. A small team from your organization will work on a real challenge your organization is facing, you will learn from your consumers’ needs, and produce a well-tested, high-fidelity prototype.


Why do The Journey?

The industry you work in is extremely volatile. You feel like you cannot keep up with competitors. You find it hard to come up with products that your customers actually need. These are just a few of the reasons where The Journey can help you.

During The Journey, you will not only learn about, but also deeply understand, the tools you need to interact and understand your consumers in order to create products that matter. We are not talking about a one-time-journey, but a journey that you can repeat over and over again in different situations and that will help you cope with change in a sustainable matter. 

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Fede is a firecracker of a presenter and much loved by his executive education students.
— Torhild Eide Torgersen, Leader of Experimentation, Design Region Bergen

What does The Journey look like?

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The journey is a part time program that spans over 3 – 8 weeks depending on the intensity of the sessions. On day 1 we introduce your organization to the basics of design thinking and make sure that everyone understands what your team will be working on. Day 2, the team will get a full-day workshop on empathy, after which you conduct research with your team for 1 to 4 weeks. Day 3, we will have a workshop on defining the problems your consumers are facing, followed by 1 to 4 weeks of you and your team ideating and prototyping.

During the entire journey, we will coach you to make sure that you get the best results!


What exactly do I gain from The Journey?

You will get a high-fidelity, well-tested (by real users!) prototype that is ready to hit the market. In addition, your team will gain a profound understanding of the design thinking methods which, in the future, can be used to independently tackle any type of challenge that may come ahead!


Train the Trainer

During the Train the Trainer workshop you and your colleagues will learn the interpersonal, pedagogical, and advanced design thinking skills necessary to become a successful teacher of design thinking. Experience in design thinking is required.


Why should I become a Trainer myself?

If you would like to transfer your skills as a design thinker, this is the workshop for you.  

The workshop gave me a better understanding of how I can use design thinking in different ways, depending on the situation. The coach training gave me more confidence as a facilitator. It was really good to get direct feedback and tips on how to handle situations that are likely to happen during a design thinking workshop. “
— Synnøve Elisabeth Aabrekk, Senior Consultant, NCE Tourism - Fjord Norway

What will the Train the Trainer workshop look like?


This workshop is for those who wish to transfer their skills as a design thinker to others.
You will learn to:

• Help students identify their creative confidence through hands on, meaningful learning

• Communicate lessons through a powerful teaching style, which taps into students' intellect
and emotions

• Develop your own training content by uncovering the fundamental mindset of a design

• Guide students in deep learning, introspection, and reflection through the use of
metacognitive skills

• Balance between being a strong facilitator and permitting your students to fail safely and
deal with ambiguity

• Design educational and training programs for many different kinds of students and settings

• Create a fun, open, and caring learning environment where students feel safe to express
themselves fully

• Connect with students not only as a teacher but also as a mentor and friend by
understanding that the learning experience goes both ways

For whom: Experienced design thinkers, professors, teachers, personal coaches, consultants,
and trainers interested in teaching design thinking to others. Previous attendance at a Design
Thinking Deep Dive is required.

Duration: 2 or 3 days

Capacity: 15 to 60 participants

Setting: This workshop can be done as part of a conference or special event, or in-house at
your company or university.



Fede is one of the most electrifying speakers I have ever seen. He had the 300 participants at Næringslivsdagen, the leading business conference in Northern Norway, completely captivated and laughing nonstop. His talk on the power of empathy in business was inspiring, and received top scores from the participants.
— Kjell Åge Rognli, Manager, KPMG
With great pleasure and success we’ve had Fede Lozano as a speaker at the Assessit Lederkonferanse & Årets Unge Leder 2015 in Oslo. He delivered a marvelous talk and workshop with fantastic enthusiasm, and got the more than 400 participants from industry all over Norway really engaged. Not withstanding the interesting content and cool exercises, he also managed to touch all of us in the room at a more personal level—very impressive. We give the warmest and best recommendations! Thank you, Fede!
— Anne Mørup-Andersen, Head of Communications, Assessit