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West Norwegian leaders out of their comfort zones in the NHH program

Twenty-five leaders and specialists from Vestlandet (Western Norway) learn how to break out of conventional thinking and self-censorship in order to succeed in tomorrow's business.

Sparebanken Vest writes about one of the sessions in the "Brytningstid" program at NHH, where Pracademy took the lead.

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December 2017


Stop talking. Start doing. Building a culture for the future.

The Leadership Potentials Program (LePo), first of its kind in Wilhelmsen, is a pilot program that aims at meeting the future industry challenges by the global maritime industry group. LePo graduates will benefit from the program by mastering the design thinking methodology, adopting an agile mindset, and developing digital tools in a human-centered fashion.

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October 2107


The Good Old Days?

TEDxBergen is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience in Bergen, Norway. TEDxBergen 2017 took place on October 7th and was titled "The Good Old Days?". The event was moderated by Federico Lozano, Founder of Pracademy.

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October 2017


Entrepreneurship among Young people in the barents region

Pracademy was invited to Kirkenes, the capital of the Barents Region, by The Norwegian Barents Secretariat to contribute to an important collaborative event – From Art to Business. We organized a design thinking workshop for young entrepreneurs from member countries.

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September 2017


Human-centered Design

Technoport is a Trondheim-based platform that acts as a catalyst for the future Norwegian knowledge economy. Federico Lozano, Founder of Pracademy, answered a few questions about his upcoming workshop as part of Technoport's innovation and entrepreneurship events.

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March 2017


Pracademy hold workshop at kyoto University

The Design School of Kyoto University, one of Japan's oldest institutions of higher education, hosted Federico Lozano and Jae Ho Park, Pracademy members, where they led a cross-disciplinary introduction into design thinking.

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April 2017


InnovasjonsCamp 2017

Innovation Camp is a 7-month project owned by Bergen Municipality, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen Technology Transfer Office, and DesignArena. The project inspired, mobilized, and provided to its participants knowledge and experience to work multidisciplinary and create new healthcare services. Pracademy took part in the project by introducing to and educating the project participants about the design thinking methodology, which was the primary problem-solving process applied.

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April 2017


Empathy in Focus at Raff Fagdag 2016

Patricia Moore, mother of empathy in design; Federico Lozano, founder of Pracademy; and other leading lecturers from the banking and health sector discussed why empathy is the most important ingredient of business and social life in the face of constant changes.

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September 2017


Strong Interest for New Innovation Course at NHH

Federico Lozano, founder of Pracademy, leads one of NHH's most popular executive education courses in innovation and design thinking.  

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November 2016


Empathy is old news: Why design thinkers need to dig deeper?

In June of 2016, Pracademy took part in POLISHOPA Design Thinking Conference in Bydgoszcz, Poland. The conference, Poland's largest design thinking event, hosted Federico Lozano and Matthew Lynch to speak about the future of design thinking.

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June 2016

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Norwegian Biotech Industry Learns Design Thinking

Human Innovation (formerly DesignArena) and Pracademy members, Federico Lozano and Martin Steinert, held a design thinking workshop for Arena Heidner with leaders from Norway's biotech industry.

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November 2015


Design Thinking Comes to NTNU!

Martin Steinert and Federico Lozano, Pracademy members, discuss how they plan to bring the Silicon Valley mindset to NTNU through TMM4220: Innovation by Design Thinking, their new multidisciplinary, university-wide course.

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August 2015


Don’t Forget the Human Experience!

Federico Lozano, Pracademy founder, writes about his experiences teaching empathy as a fully immersive experience at NTNU, Norway's leading technology university.

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June 2015


The Lab for Design Thinkers at UiT

Pracademy team members, Federico Lozano and Uladzimir Kamovich, launch the Lab for Design Thinkers at the University of Tromsø.  

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January 2013