Pracademy is a design thinking training company. 

We help our clients cope with change & adopt a Silicon Valley mindset. 

Above all, we assist companies to embrace the fact that innovation starts and ends with human connection.

Exceptionally good,
Lots of Energy,
People were over the moon about it.
— Wilhelmsen's top 30 managers globally @ Annual Management Forum 2017

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is one of the most well-recognized methodologies for innovation. As design thinkers, we begin by focusing on the human experience. We embrace diversity, radical collaboration, and ambiguity. All while learning through rapid prototypes and failure. We also have tons of serious fun.


The Design Sprint

The Design Sprint is an innovation process celebrated by companies like Google and Facebook. It borrows tools from Design Thinking, Business Strategy, and Lean Startup—packed into a real-life process that any team can use to tackle critical business challenges in just 5 days.


Innovation and Creative Leadership Development Programs

At Pracademy we work hand-by-hand with our clients to help them develop long-term, 21st-century leadership and innovation capabilities. Our corporate training programs consist of world-class  learning experiences that help shift individual mindsets and change organizational cultures. The programs incorporate empirically proven, cutting-edge pedagogical and innovation tools originating from Stanford and other leading universities.


Pracademy's Why?

Change and innovation starts when humans identify their creative confidence. We offer practical learning experiences (hence "Pracademy") that make this happen.  

We help corporations, governments, universities and startups to connect deeply with their customers. The results are products, services, and processes that help people lead better lives.



We've assembled a multidisciplinary team of creatives, educators, and down-right innovation obsessives with expertise across the critical competencies of Design Thinking training. Our team represents eleven different nationalities.  We all share the conviction to spread the Stanford and Silicon Valley mindset around the world.


Next-level Design Thinking training.

During the last five years, Pracademy has stood out in the Norwegian and global educational and training spaces as an organization that offers highly personalized, disruptive, and cutting-edge learning experiences. Our focus on stimulating personal and organization-level mindshifts by implementing the most state-of-the-art teaching methods and innovation methodologies developed at institutions such as Stanford University have set us apart.  

The proof is in the pudding: We've been hired by the two leading educational and training institutions in Norway—NHH and NTNU—to launch the most popular, well-received, and successful training programs available.  We've also been contracted by Europe and Asia's top corporations to help them implement design thinking and other leading creative-leadership and digital-competence methods in order to help them grow.


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