Design Thinking Deep Dive

The Design Thinking Deep Dive workshop gives you a taste of the key tools, methods, and mindset of design thinking. This is a great way to introduce a large number of people within your company to design thinking and its use.


Why do The Deep Dive?

If you would like to introduce design thinking into your organization and give your colleagues a taste of what your company can achieve using design thinking methods, then this workshop is for you! It is a fast-paced, fun, and engaging way to introduce a large number of people to the essentials of design thinking.

It has helped us in raising awareness around our own behavior, how we influence people around us and how this leads to outstanding performance. The feedback from our colleagues is that they left the workshop with more positive energy, some good ideas, and tools to implement in their everyday work life.
— Andreas Mikalsen, Managing Director at Marine Harvest Markets Norway AS

What does the workshop look like?

The Design Thinking Deep Dive workshop can be done in 1/2 to 2 days. We will introduce and guide you through each step of design thinking, all while you are actively working in teams on a number of real life design challenges.